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Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital saved our standard poodles life by diagnosing her w/ Atypical Addison’s Disease. Dr. Kirk Reese is a very knowledgeable, caring & patient Doctor w/animals & their owners. His staff is top notch and very nice. We have used Whitehouse Vet for many years & will continue to do so!

Keith Martin

Dr. Reese and his staff have taken care of our furbabies, plus an Iguana and parrot, over the past 21 years. They are an amazing and caring team of people. Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital is the only clinic I trust.

Craig Ryan

You guys are awesome!!! Everyone treated Ziggy like he was their own bird! It's not easy as a pet parent to trust someone with their animals, but I felt completely at ease and I could tell Ziggy did too! You have no idea how appreciative I am of all of your compassion and cooperation. I walked into your clinic a nervous wreck for Ziggy and expected to spend thousands on our visit. I will from now on bring all of my feather/fur babies to this facility and will continue to sing my praises to all of my pet parent friends!

Mariah Berry

Dr. Reese and staff took excellent care of our guinea pig. They allowed us to squeeze in for an emergency trip on a busy Friday afternoon and help put my daughter's mind at ease. The staff was very friendly and gentle with our little guy through his examinations, x-ray and meds. Happy to report he is already doing much better and back to his chipper self.

Leah Moser Wansley

The office is awesome. Dixie, in my opinion, had the best care possible. She always like her rides, even if it was to go to see her Doctor and as time went she would have seizures and she couldn't go inside the office and her treatments were done in the truck. She was perfectly fine and did not have any fear. Time went on and we had house calls and she progressed to the point that it was time for her to have peace and not hurt anymore. The call was made and the staff came to our home and Dixie went peacefully, 12/09/2016. She is terribly missed. Thank You Dr. Reese, to you and all of your staff. You have a top notch organization. I recommend this facility to anyone in the area looking for a knowledgeable and professional clinic for you pets.

Mike Barrios

George and I went from having no dogs to finding and rescuing 7 boxers, Momma, 1yr offspring, and 5 new puppies. We went directly to Dr. Reese's office to have them checked out. He & all his staff were so loving, helpful, kind & gentle. They gave us all the info. We needed to get the dogs back into good shape. They had been ''dumped'' in a field and were in the rain & cold. We took the meds and cared for the dogs & puppies, each day the Dr.'s asst or tech would call to check on all of them. It's been 4 months now, Momma is well-nourished, free of her problems, all puppies found good homes, and we have kept the 1 yr old (offspring) to the Momma. We love the clinic, have had only great things to say about the care and we trust them, most of all , to take the best care of our dogs. Thanks to all of the staff there!!!

The Aikens

They took really good care of my puppy when he had a yeast infection in his ears. They are gentle and very optimistic! When they diagnosed him with the yeast infection the Doctor let us go back in the room and look at the slides on a microscope to see what the infection looked like.


The staff here is so nice! I called that day needing a appointment on a friday. They got me in that aftternoon and when i got there they even helped get my 2 dogs out of the car! The Dr.reese was very friendly and spent time answering all my questions I had about my older dog. I just moved here and am so glad to find a great vet for my pets. Thanks!

Google User

Dr. Reese and his staff are amazing! I have been to their office multiple times and they are always so nice and always answer all of my questions. Dr. Reese is very knowledgeable! I own exotics and it is truly hard to find someone you can trust with them. There is no long wait when you show up for your appointment (like other offices) and they always try to fit you in at a convenient time for you. I love them and will continue to use them!

Matthew Barentine

We have been with Dr. Reese and his staff at Whitehouse veterinary hospital for almost 11 yrs with our dogs. It's like our second home and are pets have always received the best treatments they could possibly receive. Everyone is very caring and friendly. They make you feel like your are the most important customer and will do all in their power to take care of your needs and your pets needs. I have nothing to say but all positive things. I recommend Dr. Reese and his staff to everyone.

D. Miller


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