Exotic Pet Exams

Top 5 Reasons for Regular Exotic Pet Exams at the Vet

Everyone loves dogs and cats, but pet ownership does not always mean you have a critter with four legs and a tail. Reptiles, birds, small mammals, snakes, and other creatures commonly make their way into homes as pets. At Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital in Whitehouse, Texas, we help you with all of your exotic pet exam needs. 

1. Get Information about Proper Habitats for Exotic Pets

Providing your pet with the proper environment ensures they are going to be comfortable, healthy, and safe. Right from the beginning when you bring your exotic pet home, it is a good idea to schedule an exam to get guidance on creating the best possible environment for your new pet. 

2. Ensure Your Exotic Pet Is Getting the Proper Nutrition

When you have an exotic pet, you can expect their dietary needs to be a bit more complicated. For example, cockatiels need pellets designed for their species, but they also need fresh fruits and veggies for a complete balanced diet. Your vet can also make sure your exotic pet is at the proper weight and is not showing any signs of deficiency. Plus, at an exotic pet exam, you can get detailed information about what you should be feeding them. 

3. Obtain the Required Vaccinations for Your Pet 

Exotic pets require vaccinations to help thwart the risks of certain illnesses and diseases, just like cats and dogs do. Additionally, it is a requirement for exotic pets to get some of these vaccines, because without them, they can pose a health risk to the human population. For instance, a ferret may have to be annually vaccinated for rabies. 

4. Exotic Pets Need Upkeep, and the Veterinarian in Whitehouse Can Help

Many species of exotic pets need regular upkeep. For example: 

  • Some birds need their beaks coped to prevent overgrowth
  • Some lizards need their nails trimmed to prevent problems with their feet
  • Some mammals, such as hamsters and guinea pigs, need their primary teeth filed on occasion 

Regular visits to the vet can make sure you are on top of these upkeep responsibilities. 

5. Keep an Eye on Common Species Illnesses and Diseases 

Every exotic pet can be prone to certain illnesses and diseases. The only proper way to monitor for these illnesses is by getting your lizard, rabbit, snake, or other animal a proper pet exam periodically at the vet. 

Contact a Veterinarian in Whitehouse for an Appointment for an Exotic Pet Exam 

Exotic pets become just as much members of the family as cats and dogs, and they really do need regular veterinarian attention to ensure they stick around as long as possible. Contact us at Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital to schedule your exotic pet exam, whether you have a feathered, scaly, or furry family member.  


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