Exceptional Veterinary Services In Whitehouse, Texas

Your pet is a beloved family member. Like any family member, your animal needs healthcare to live a long and happy life. At Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital, we offer a wide range of comprehensive veterinary services that help your pet stay a loved part of your family for as long as possible.

Comprehensive Veterinary Exams and Preventive Care

Preventive medicine is the best way our veterinarians can help your pet live a long and happy life. Our annual physical exams, diagnostic, and therapeutic services are designed to ensure your pet is in the best possible health. We can advise dietary changes and medications if needed.

Vaccinations Prevent Disease

Whether your pet stays indoors or goes out among others, disease is a persistent threat. We offer vaccinations that help very young pets stay in good health throughout adulthood. Our veterinarians can create an immunization plan to help protect your animal from many diseases.

Pet Illness and Urgent Care

No matter how well you care for your animal, it still might become ill or suffer an injury. We offer outstanding services that treat common pet illnesses. We also provide emergency care when the unexpected happens, and your companion pet needs help right away.

Surgery Saves Lives

Whether it’s an emergency or you need preventive healthcare done, Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital offers excellent surgical care. We have a state-of-the-art facility that is sterile and equipped with the best monitoring and surgical gear. Our aftercare helps to ensure a full recovery so that you can enjoy more time with your beloved pet.

Dentistry Preserves Pet’s Teeth

Sooner or later, your pet will likely have issues with its oral health. Our vets check and clean your pet’s teeth to help improve his or her oral health. Sometimes, teeth need to be removed to prevent infections or diseases from afflicting your pet. Our professional veterinarians will make sure your animal’s teeth are in their best shape.

Our Other Veterinary Services That Ensure Wellness

Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital offers a variety of other health services to keep your pet happy and living a long life. Those include:

  • Wellness plans
  • Radiology and ultrasound
  • Microchipping
  • Parasite control
  • Dietary counseling

Keep Your Pet Healthy With Our Outstanding Services

If your pet is showing signs of illness or being less than its normal self, call Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital at (903) 839-2057. We will schedule a time as soon as possible that fits your schedule and ensures your pet gets the care it needs.


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