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Here at Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital, we are your “vet near me” because we offer an array of veterinary services to help your furry animals achieve utmost health. You and your companion animals are our number one priorities, and our staff treats your pets as members of the family. From wellness exams to pet urgent care, your pets will be in the best care possible with our veterinarians in Whitehouse, Texas.


About Our Services 

At our veterinary hospital, we offer many services to help your pets stay as healthy as possible in the many years to come. Wellness exams detect ongoing issues early on so that treatment can be provided right away. Other services like spay and neuter surgery keeps the pet population under control and supply a long list of health benefits to your furry companions. We also help you keep a vaccination schedule so that your lovable pets are always up-to-date. Our veterinarians in Whitehouse can conduct routine dental procedures so that your animals’ oral health is in great shape. Additionally, we offer pet urgent care when your pets are ill or injured. Our on-site pharmacy is stocked to address a wide variety of health concerns. We even provide laser treatments to assist your four-legged friends after suffering an injury or degeneration condition.  Another service that sets us apart is our care for exotic pets. We welcome many types of exotics through out doors from primates to pocket pets and reptiles to avian friends.

About Our Veterinarians in Whitehouse 

We have a staff consisting of two prominent veterinarians, Dr. Kirk Reese and Dr. Sara Redding Ochoa. Each one of our vets are dedicated to caring for animals whenever they are in need of vet services. Our doctors are friendly and strongly believe in the benefit of open communication with the patient's family.

Dr. Reese is the owner of the practice and has been since 2003. He graduated top of his class at LSU School of Veterinary Medicine in 1993, and brings his wealth of knowledge to the practice each day.

Dr. Ochoa completed veterinary school at St. George University, where she achieved high grades. Not only is she veterinarian, but she's also a dedicated pet owner herself, so she understands the concerns of the families she serves.

When searching for a “vet near me,” look no further than Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital. Our veterinarians are happy to serve Whitehouse and the surrounding communities. To schedule a vet appointment for your pets, call us at (903) 839-2057 or send an SMS to (903) 871-5790. 

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Meet Our Skilled Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr.
    Kirk Reese

    Dr. Reese was born and raised in New Orleans and graduated from LSU Veterinary School in 1993 where he was at the top of his class. He worked at the New Orleans Zoo and the Henry Doorley Zoo in Omaha, NE. He moved to Texas in 1995 and began working at Caldwell Zoo here in Tyler. In 1999 he became an associate here at Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital and eventually bought the practice in 2003. Dr. Reese attends 20-30hours of continuing education each year to keep current on advances in veterinary medicine, including new treatments, diseases and surgical techniques.

  • Dr.
    Sara Redding Ochoa

    Raised in Calhoun, LA, she knew since she was a little girl that her dream was to become a veterinarian. She has a passion and love for animals that makes her a wonderful asset to our team. Dr. Redding attended Louisiana Tech for her undergraduate school, and then attended St. George University to complete veterinary school, getting excellent scores in her program. After completing veterinary school she furthered her experience with clinical routines at LSU making amazing scores. Dr. Redding moved to east Texas once veterinary school was completed and joined us! She lives happily with her husband Greg and her babies Ruby the schnoodle, and Bam-Bam her bunny. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, baking, and taking Ruby shopping.

  • Jodi Wedding
    Lead Technician

    Jodi has been here at Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital since 2001 and many of you know her well. She is a very thorough, no nonsense technician with many years of exotic experience. She is married to her wonderful husband of many years, Derek. She has lots of kitty cats and many wildlife visitors to her home. In her spare time she enjoys quietly reading and fishing with her husband.

  • Mica Simpson
    Receptionist/Office Manager

    Mica joined us as a receptionist in 2009. She was born and raised in Dallas, TX, moving to Tyler a couple of years before she found her place in our hospital. She loves all of the furry children and even has some of her own! She spends her free time gaming, movie watching, and with her fur babies.

  • Stacia Griffin
    Receptionist/Veterinary Technician

    Stacia joined our team in 2015, bringing with her excellent customer care experience and an amazingly positive attitude. Her passion for animals brought her to us, and being from Whitehouse, working here made it a perfect fit. Stacia enjoys traveling and experiencing new adventures and keeps busy with her pet sitting business!

  • Susan Jackson
    Veterinary Technician

    Meet Susan! She joined our team in September 2020 and has been a technician since 2017. She has also been the coordinator for the East Texas Veterinary Medical Association since 2019, which plans events for veterinary staff to keep them up to date on their CEU’s. She is a hard worker and all about business, which we really appreciate. When she is not at work she enjoys spending time with her grand babies, and her dog, Evander.

  • Dee Parsons

    Dee began working for PetSmart at the age of 16 and within a couple of years began her grooming career. After 17 years of grooming dogs, her passion remains as well as her commitment to the well being of all animals. For almost 20 years Dee has actively helped train dogs for Therapet and remains dedicated to their mission. In her spare time she loves to study history and play with her two Rottweilers, Sagan's Pale Blue Dot and Gruss Vom Krampus. Whenever possible, they all love to curl up on the sofa for a few episodes of Golden Girls.

  • Pam Young

    Meet Pam! She grooms those pretty pooches Monday through Thursday each week. Pam is full of energy and loves her job. She loves the lake, hunting, and spending time with her friends and family (furred and human alike).

  • Kenny Spencer
    Kennel Technician

    Kenny has been with our team since the summer of 2020.  He is a very hard worker and is always ready to tackle any task brought before him. He enjoys spending his time sketching and helping his family foster dogs for a rescue organization in Portland, OR .

  • Colton Densberger
    Veterinary Technician Assistant

    Colton has been with our team since June of 2019. He loves to help and really makes a connection with all the animals he comes in contact with. When Colton is not at work, he spends his time with his family, sketching, or playing video games.

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Read What Our Clients Say

    You guys are awesome!!! Everyone treated Ziggy like he was their own bird! It's not easy as a pet parent to trust someone with their animals, but I felt completely at ease and I could tell Ziggy did too! You have no idea how appreciative I am of all of your compassion and cooperation. I walked into your clinic a nervous wreck for Ziggy and expected to spend thousands on our visit. I will from now on bring all of my feather/fur babies to this facility and will continue to sing my praises to all of my pet parent friends!

    Mariah Berry

    Dr. Reese and his staff are amazing! I have been to their office multiple times and they are always so nice and always answer all of my questions. Dr. Reese is very knowledgeable! I own exotics and it is truly hard to find someone you can trust with them. There is no long wait when you show up for your appointment (like other offices) and they always try to fit you in at a convenient time for you. I love them and will continue to use them!

    Matthew Barentine

    We have been with Dr. Reese and his staff at Whitehouse veterinary hospital for almost 11 yrs with our dogs. It's like our second home and are pets have always received the best treatments they could possibly receive. Everyone is very caring and friendly. They make you feel like your are the most important customer and will do all in their power to take care of your needs and your pets needs. I have nothing to say but all positive things. I recommend Dr. Reese and his staff to everyone.

    D. Miller

    George and I went from having no dogs to finding and rescuing 7 boxers, Momma, 1yr offspring, and 5 new puppies. We went directly to Dr. Reese's office to have them checked out. He & all his staff were so loving, helpful, kind & gentle. They gave us all the info. We needed to get the dogs back into good shape. They had been ''dumped'' in a field and were in the rain & cold. We took the meds and cared for the dogs & puppies, each day the Dr.'s asst or tech would call to check on all of them. It's been 4 months now, Momma is well-nourished, free of her problems, all puppies found good homes, and we have kept the 1 yr old (offspring) to the Momma. We love the clinic, have had only great things to say about the care and we trust them, most of all , to take the best care of our dogs. Thanks to all of the staff there!!!

    The Aikens


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